Din Tai Fung, Melbourne

  Last night while browsing at Emprium, we stumbled on the Din Tai Fung sign. It wasn’t what we originally planned to have for dinner. But with the cold in Melbourne, we decided against our original plan (the old Dainty place) in Chinatown. And it was awesome.

The first time we had Din Tai Fung was in Singapore. It was such a fluke. We walked past the shop and saw so many people and thought this must be good. And it was. 

Since then we also ate at the one in Sydney. While it was still the best in Australia, it was nowhere near as good as the one in Singapore or Hong Kong. Unsurprisingly we were a little skeptical when we saw the sign at Emporium. 

As we sat down seeing the condiments and their staff, our confidence grew. We ordered 2 lots of 8 Xiao Long Baos, a serve of spicy noodles with prawn and pork dumplings and a serve of pork and veggies dumplings in chilli sauce.

We went for the Xiao long bao first, of course. And they were delicious – just like the ones we had in Singapore. The pork juice was just incredible. After that we tried other dishes and at least for me they were just no match for the Bao!

 Although I didn’t enjoy the other dishes as much, my eating companion did. Andrew thought the noodles were gingery and spicy – very much his kinda of dish. 

Overall, it was a great experience. It wasn’t cheap but worth the dollars. Next time, I think I will just get the Baos…

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