Breakfast at ‘est.1906’

  We drove past 1906 a few times and always thought we wanted to try it one day – today is the day. And it was great.

First impression was great. We didn’t have to wait for a table. The staff were friendly. We got our own table rather than having to share. The atmosphere was spacious and light. They even had my favourite sugar. Their coffee was decent and for a coffee lover in me – they did have a large! 

Spanish scrambled egg with chorizo and roasted tomatoes was our first dish. It was delicious. The scrambled egg was especially tasty. I don’t really know what were the bits that were in it but they worked. The chorizo was a little bit fatty for my liking. The roasted tomato was slightly under too but I enjoyed it.   Our second choice was lemon buttermilk pancake from the special menu. I have to admit it wasn’t my favourite. I felt that the dish was a little dry.  The mascarpone helped but I would have liked some sort of sauce…lemon curd would be nice.

Despite the sweet dish being lacklustre, since the scrambled egg was so good, we probably would go to 1906 back again. I might think twice about ordering dishes from the special menu next time though.

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