Terminator and NeNe chicken

 Last we went to see the Terminator: Genesys. We were expecting predictable action-packed movie but it was not. It was action-packed but not predictable. Arnie delivered many more lines that I had expected – including ‘I’ll be back’. The storyline had many twists and turns. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed it. 

After the movie, we decided to get some fresh ingredients from the fridge for dinner. In the way there, however, we walked past a new foodcourt. So we decided to at least check it out. While there were many tempting choices, we stopped at NeNe chicken. 

 I’ve heard about NeNe chicken a while ago from my Korean hairdresser. She was raving about it and we were so excited that they might be coming to Australia. Much to our surprise, they are here at highpoint – so close to home.

 We ordered an 8-piece fried chicken combo with chips and Milkis (our new favourite drink). While there were many flavour choices for the fried chicken, we went with the ‘Bulgogi’. To be honest, it doesn’t taste like the traditional Bulgogi sauce I’m used to but it was still delicious. 

 The chips were great – especially to mop up the chicken sauce. The Milkis was really nice. It was a weirdly named drink but like many Asian drinks it was interesting and tasty. It reminded me of Calpico – a Japanese soft drink.

All and all, it was great. I can’t wait to go back. 

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