Tina’s noodle kitchen

  Last Friday, I had a hanking for spicy food for dinner. The weather was miserable. We were hoping to go to dainty express noodle at Emporium. But we couldn’t find a park. As we were driving through the city however, I saw Tina’s noodle on Swanston street was super busy. And then I recalled that there is another Tina’s at highpoint. So we thought lets give the one at highpoint a go.  First impression?  Great! The restaurant area was spacious. There were plenty of couch seatings – just what I needed especially after the gym. The menu was even better.   Like the name suggests they sell noodle dishes mostly. There were snacks like chicken balls, giblets etc but mostly noodle. Unlike dainty noodle express, there are more variety here.  We decided to try spicy fish and spicy beef noodles. Although their names don’t have the word soup in item, they were wet noodle dishes. They both had 3 chillies next to them so we fully expected super spicy dishes.  And boy, they were nice and spicy. The soup was delicious. It had a lot of depth. I must admit the beef were slightly tough. Yet it was enjoyable. The fish noodle was a bit spicier then do beef noodle. They were both very tasty. I love that it came with vegetables and mushrooms – missing from the dishes at dainty noodle express.  To accompany our spicy dishes, we also ordered a plum drink. It came in a very fashionable vase.

Overall, the food was great. I highly recommend Tina’s to anyone who loves spicy food. 

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