Archie’s all day

 Over the weekend, we were looking for a new breakfast place to try out. After search through the web, I found Archie’s all day cafe on Broadsheet. We decided to try it out.


The place was relatively busy but we were also seated in a timely manner. The staff were friendly. The seating was comfortable. While it wasn’t a deal breaker, the air was a little damp making you feel like you are sitting in a wet room.   (Opening the window or aircond would do the job). The coffee was great. We ordered two flat whites and they came in these cute Nordic looking cups.


We ordered two dishes; one savoury and one sweet. For savoury we had Huevos Sucios (aka hu-vos san-che-ros for me). We also added chorizo to it. In hindsight the dish didn’t need anymore flavour or fat. Even without the chorizo, I thought the dish had so much flavour and  texture. Warning for the health conscious people though – this is not a healthy dish. The spicy sour cream and tomatillos salsa (green tomatoes) were just delicious. I enjoyed it thoroughly.
 For something sweet, we had baked French toast. The toast itself was just delicious. It was gooey and custardy. I counldn’t fault it at all. But I didn’t care for the sweet potato topping. It was sour-tasting and leave you with a weird taste in your mouth. It was so bad that I probably wouldn’t order it again. 

Overall, we had a decent experience and would return. The coffee was excellent. The food was good and the atmosphere was comfortable. 


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