Sketch to Scrap: Tough


Hello all,

Thanks for visiting. Today I’ve another sketch for you. It’s a rather simple sketch that you can use to whip up a page really quickly. I went with one photo but you can certainly add a couple more. Here is the sketch.

Sketch to Scrap banner4.jpg

I decided to scrap about a tough week that I had recently. While I’m not very good with words or like to talk about my feelings a whole lot, it was a rather cathartic experience. The sketch takes 8 squares, each of the squares is 3’x3′. I actually cut the squares a little larger than 3 inches because I really like to have them overlap a little. Here are some close up photos.IMG_6658.jpg




I decided to combine Ali Edwards’ tough story kit and SC’s April scrapbook kit. I really love the acrylic word that we get from AE’s story kit. It’s such an easy way to jump start on your scrap page. Here is the process video. I hope you enjoy and let me know if you have any questions.


2 thoughts on “Sketch to Scrap: Tough

  1. smashingsarah says:

    I love this layout. I’m totally gonna give it a go 😊


  2. […] over at Eat.Scrap.Bake does a fabulous Sketch to Scrap feature, and I took inspiration from one of those to create this […]


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