Sketch to scrap: Life right now


Hello again,

Today’s sketch features one photo. I decided to go with a 4×6″ photo but a 5×7″ or a 6×8″ would be fine too. It uses strips of pattern paper for layering. This is a really quick and simple sketch. Here it is:

Sketch to Scrap banner Life right now.jpg



I decided to do a layout on my ‘life right now’. The journaling is super short. I went with a list of things that are ‘right now’ like things I like, the weather, places we go to, etc. I think it’s a neat way to record little things in your life that you wouldn’t create a specific page for but worth noting. I was also keen on playing with my new fringe scissors (for some reason I thought they are called “French scissors”). I used them to cut up those strips of pattern paper. It’s a quick way to create a bit of dimension on your page. I bought the scissors on Ebay but I believe you can also get a Martha Stewart one from Amazon. I will put in a link below. So here are some close ups.


Here is the process video. I hope you like it. Let me know if you have any questions.


Fringe scissors:



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