Andrew’s pavlova


Hi ya again,

Today’s sketch has 3 mini photos. They are all 2″x3″. I printed them on a 4″x6″ photo paper. Another feature of this sketch is its use of strips of pattern paper ie. a way to use up those branding strips we all have left in our stash. So here is the sketch.Sketch to Scrap banner Andrews Pavlova.jpg

I’ve decided to scrap about Andrew’s (my lovely significant other) reunited passion with pavlova. For my international readers, pav is like a gooey meringue dessert. We tend to top it up with cream and fruit. It’s really popular in Australia; like apple pie to Americans. Andrew used to dislike pav when he was young. We found this recipe on TV and decided to try it out. Oh boy, it was awesome. So I just wanted to capture the picture of this dessert and also Andrew’s moment of happiness. I also invited him to do some journaling on this page. I think it’s really cool to see his perspective on the story. So here are some closeups and the process video for this layout. I hope you enjoy and let me know if you have any questions.




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