Playing with my mini Minc


IMG_6939.jpgHi ho,

I’ve got a special post for you today. I’m going to be playing with my new Minc machine. A couple weeks ago, I decided to get a mini minc to foil my own embellishments. I decided to get the mini one instead of the full size because I just don’t think I will be foiling 12″x12″ paper. I actually got a really good deal at Spotlight (similar to Joan’s or Michael’s for my US readers). I got a $40 coupon for using with a $100 purchase. So it ended up costing me like $70. I also got some extra plastic folders so I can foil A5 paper (~half of 8.5″X11″).


One idea I had is to create my own foiled journaling spots. The first pattern I decided to create is a hand drawn circle. It’s 2″ in size so if you have a 2″punch, you can use it to punch out these circles. Otherwise, I have also added an outline for you to manually cut them out.

IMG_6942.jpgIn the video, I will show you how I use the Minc machine to foil these journaling spots. The pattern can be downloaded below.  I hope you like it. I’m planning to create some more patterns. I would really appreciate your comments if you’d like to see more. Happy to answer any questions. Have a great day and thanks for stopping by.

Half US letter Handdrawn circles

US Handdrawn circles

A5 Handdrawn circles

A4 Handdrawn circles


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