Day in the Museum

Hi guys,


I’m back with another sketch. Today’s sketch has 5 photos. They are all of different sizes. The biggest one was 2″x3″. I printed all the photos onto one 4″x6″ sheet. I think this sketch would be good for when you want to document an event where there are many photos. Here is the sketch.

Day at the museum.jpg

I decided to scrap about our trip to the National Gallery of Australia. We went there when we are in Canberra a couple of weeks ago. We actually didn’t realise this exhibition was on. When we got there, Andrew really wanted to go so we decided to go for it and it was amazing. It was “history of the world in 100 objects” exhibition. Some of the objects were older than 3000 years. I used products from the Hip Kit’s Scrapbook kit from Oct 2016, Felicity Jane’s Maggie kit and Ali Edwards’ Stuff story kit + Up story stamp.

Here are some closeups and the process video. Thanks for joining me again and hope you enjoyed.



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