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Sketch to scrap: Local press


Hi guys,

Thanks so much for joining me again today. Today’s sketch has one square photo. Mine is 3’x3′ but anything bigger like 5’x5′ would be fine too. The feature of this sketch is on the patterned paper along the top. If you are like me, I would have a lot of coloured cardstocks. I decided to use one as a layer along the top in this sketch. Journaling goes on a tag – once again, another thing I have heaps of. Here is the sketch.

Local press.jpg

For this sketch I wanted to record a trip back to our favourite brunch place when we were away in Canberra. I printed the photo out with a thin border using picframe on my iphone.


I used patterned paper and embellishments from the Hip Kit’s scrapbook kit from September 2016. The coloured cardstock’s from Felicity Jane’s Maggie kit. I also used word phrase stickers from the Magic story kit from Ali Edwards. Here are the closeups and process video.



Sketch to scrap: Heart weekends


Hi guys,

Thanks for joining me again today. Today’s sketch has two 3’x4′ photos. They overlap a bit so it works well for when you have two similar photos. The title goes underneath the photos while the journaling goes along the top. Here is the sketch.

heart weekends.jpg

I decided to scrap about the favourite place we like to go on the weekend. It’s a cafe on the outskirt of Melbourne where I live. It takes almost an hour to get there but worth it. I love going there on Sunday afternoon with our newspaper. Good times.


For this layout, I used Ali Edwards’ believe and me story stamps. I also used products from Felicity Jane’s Felicity kit and the Hip Kit’s October scrapbook kit. Here are some closeups and the process video. Let me know if you have any questions. I would love to hear from you.


Sketch to scrap: My story


IMG_7423.jpgHi guys,

Thanks for joining me again today. Today’s sketch is slightly different than the usual. I recently received a pack of A3 photo paper. So this sketch will have a big photo as its feature. In fact the photo is 5.5’X12′. The title goes on the top right and journaling goes underneath the photo. Here it the sketch.

my story.jpg

I decided to scrap about me. I don’t normally create a page just about me. They are mostly me-related of course but I really like the opportunity to summarise all the facts+things I love. The layout features Ali Edwards’ me story kit. I’ve also used produces from Felicity Jane’s Maggie kit and the Hip Kit’s October 2016 scrapbook kit. Here are some closeups and the process video.


Day in the Museum

Hi guys,


I’m back with another sketch. Today’s sketch has 5 photos. They are all of different sizes. The biggest one was 2″x3″. I printed all the photos onto one 4″x6″ sheet. I think this sketch would be good for when you want to document an event where there are many photos. Here is the sketch.

Day at the museum.jpg

I decided to scrap about our trip to the National Gallery of Australia. We went there when we are in Canberra a couple of weeks ago. We actually didn’t realise this exhibition was on. When we got there, Andrew really wanted to go so we decided to go for it and it was amazing. It was “history of the world in 100 objects” exhibition. Some of the objects were older than 3000 years. I used products from the Hip Kit’s Scrapbook kit from Oct 2016, Felicity Jane’s Maggie kit and Ali Edwards’ Stuff story kit + Up story stamp.

Here are some closeups and the process video. Thanks for joining me again and hope you enjoyed.


Sketch to scrap: A

Hi guys,


Thanks so much from dropping by again today. I’m so sorry for missing a few scheduled videos. It has been a hectic 2 weeks. I think the last time I was home before 8pm was…umm…2 weeks ago. That aside, I’m super excited to be posting another sketch. Today’s sketch is really simple. The focus is on the story. It’s an 8.5″x11″ layout. It has a tall photo on the right. Here is the sketch.


For this sketch I decided to scrap about my partner. Once in a while I like to focus a page on just us. No event. Just the person. I love looking back and see those stories. They give different perspective of our lives. For this layout, I used the chipboard letter from Ali Edwards to create the title. The sequins are from Felicity Jane’s Felicity kit. Patterned paper is from the Hip Kit Club’s May scrapbook kit. Here are some closeups and process video.



Hi guys,


So happy to be back home again. It was so much fun being in Canberra last week. It was mostly for work but we managed to get a couple of day of sightseeing holiday at the end. Today’s sketch has 5 circular photos. They are all 2″. I punched them out using a Marvy circle punch. The circles form a semi circle along the right side. Then there is patterned paper on the left to balance out the photos. I think it’s good for when you want to scrap about a big event that you have a lot of photos or a page that summarises a collection of events. Here is the sketch.


For this sketch, I decided to go with the idea of scrapping a collection of events. A couple of months ago, Ali Edwards’s story kit theme was Drive. Since it came out, I have been thinking about scrapping all the good times we had in/via/with our car.We bought it just before I left uni and it’s been with us ever since. It was a secondhand but in a great condition.  It’s spacious, lots of techy features, and very spacious. I still think it’s the best car for us.

To complement products from the drive story kit, I’ve also used patterned paper from the Hip kit club from July and Felicity Jane’s Felicity kit. Here are some close ups and the process video.


Sketch to scrap: Happy baking

Hi guys,

IMG_7350.jpgToday’s sketch is a 12’x12′ layout. But to be honest, it would look great on an 8.5’x11′ background as well. It has four mini photos. Each photo is around 2’x2′. They are clustered on the right side of the spread. I printed all the photos on one 4’x6′ paper using my Canon Selphy. I added the white border an app on my iPhone called Picframe. So here is the sketch.

Happy baking.jpgI decided to scrap about my return to baking. For the last few months, we have been super busy with work and other things. Last week we went to look after Dave (my partner’s brother) for the weekend so I thought what a good opportunity to bake. Who doesn’t love homemade cookies right. I’ve used the Felicity kit from Felicity Jane, July scrapbook kit from the Hip Kit club and Me story stamp from Ali Edwards. Here are some closeups and the process video.


Just a heads up, I will be away all next week for work so I won’t be posting any videos until Friday 4th November. I’ll be posting a project life catch up video then. If you subscribe to my YouTube channel, it will let you know when my next video comes out. Thanks again for being part of this awesome community. Also for my Canberran friends, if you have any favourite spots I should check out while I’m there, I would love to know. Have an awesome week.

Sketch to scrap: Happy


Hi guys,

Today’s sketch has one 3’x4′ photo. I decided to go with a portrait photo with this sketch and keeping the sketch super simple. So here it is.


For this sketch, I wanted to scrap about an awesome meal we had in Tokyo. It was one of those standing restaurants. It opens 24 hours a day and everything was super simple just like this sketch. It was such an epitome of Tokyo’s life. I used the scalloped wooden and vellum pieces from the Felicity Jane’s Maggie kit as well as patterned paper from the Hip Kit Club’s Feb scrapbook kit to back the page. Here are some closeups and process video here.



Sketch to scrap: Old and new

Hi friends,


Thanks for joining me again today. With this week’s sketch I decided to follow Ali Edwards’ lead and scrap about two contrasting things. So the sketch is made to reflect this idea. It has two 3’x4′ photos, two mini titles and one main title. Here is the sketch.

Old and new.jpg

So I recently replaced my old iPad and thought it would be a good idea to scrap about the two iPads. I decided to keep the journaling for the left photo (old iPad) and for the right photo (new iPad) separate. With the mini titles I used them to record the year in which I bought the iPads. I think this sketch would be good to record the ‘now and then’ story about you or someone in your life as well. Maybe a photo of when you were young and another photo of now. Maybe a story about your kids. So here are some closeups and the process video:


Sketch to Scrap: For the love of Tokyo’s coffee

Hi guys,

IMG_7263.jpgToday’s sketch is slightly different than the usual. It focuses on the text and is largely inspired by different fonts in magazines. I will use my Silhouette Cameo to cut out the word LOVE with an ‘O’ missing. The ‘O’ will be replaced by a circular photo. You can download the file (.studio3) file below. So here is the sketch.

Love.jpgI decided to scrap about our love of coffee and how good the coffee was in Tokyo. Every coffee we had was fantastic. And as a Melbournian,  we are pretty proud of our coffee culture. So it was a lovely surprise. With the photo I printed it out on a 3’x4′ photo then used a 2′ circle punch to cut out a circle from the photo. Here are the close ups and the process video.


Love die cut: