December daily: day 13


Hi guys,

I’ve a super quick video for you today. For day 13, I decided to talk about Christmas lights. We decided  not to put up our lights this year because we were going to be away for a large part of December. But our next door neighbour put up an awesome show. So I took a photo of theirs and talk about what these lights mean to me. Here are some closeups and the process video. Hope you enjoyed!!




December daily: day 11 and day 12


IMG_7553.jpgHi guys,

I’m back to share with you my December Daily day 11 and day 12. For day 11, we went to get our Christmas tree. We decided to go a little early this year since we were going away for a big chunk of December and wanted to make sure that we would get to enjoy the tree as long as possible. I just love the scent of pine tree in the house.


For day 12, we decided to get a Christmassy treat from Doughnut time. They have Christmas-themed donuts. They were super cute. The one we got was called ‘it’d be Rudolph not to…’. It wasn’t particularly tasty but super cute though. So here are the closeups and process video. Hope you enjoy!!



December daily day 9 and day 10


Hi guys,

For day 9 Andrew baked pecan pie. It’s one my favourite pies but for some reason we don’t really have it that often. Probably because it’s not very common here in Australia. I love the gooey golden syrupy custard. It also somehow feels super Christmassy too.

For day 10, we went to a chocolate farm on the outskirt of Melbourne. We decided to share their Christmas pudding hot chocolate and also a Gingerbread sundae. The sundae was super delicious but the hot chocolate was not so great. Here are the closeups and the process video…hope you enjoy!


December daily: day 5 and day 6


Hi guys,

I’m back to share day 4 and day 5 of my 2016 December Daily album. For day 5, I talked about our tradition of having roast chicken for dinner. This year we decided to roast it in our new webber. It was awesome and super easy. Plus, because we cooked it in the backyard, we kept the house cool from the heat.


On December 6th, we made a trip to Starbucks. It was our first Christmassy Starbucks’ drinks this year. My favourite has to be the gingerbread latte. I asked for an extra grande cup so I could use it to scrap. I cut the cup up and then adhered it with the journaling I typed up on my computer.

Here are some closeups and the process video.


December daily: day 3 and day 4

Hi guys,


I’m back to share with you my December daily day 3 and day 4. For day 3, I decided to scrap about Christmas songs. December 3rd was the first time I’ve heard Christmas song on the radio since the start of December. The song was All I want for Christmas is you by Mariah Carey so I decided to use Mariah Carey’s Christmas album as the photo.

IMG_7506 2.jpg

For day 4, we made a trip to our chocolate shop to pick up a couple of Christmas pudding truffles for dessert. We have been getting them since we visited their factory in Adelaide a number of years ago. They are really nice.

Here are some closeups and the process video. Let me know if you have any questions.



December daily: day 2

Hi guys,


Thanks so much for joining me again today. I’m back with my December daily day 2. Just in case this is your first time seeing my DD process, I have posted my intention page as well as my day 1 yesterday.

For day 2, we went to Max Brenner to have some hot chocolate. Chocolate oozes with Christmas cheer for me. Here are the close ups and the process video.



December Daily: My reason why and day 1

Hi guys,


Welcome to the first process video of my 2016 December daily album. Today I will be introducing you to my intention page and day 1. I’m using the main December Daily kit from Ali Edwards from 2016 but will also supplement that with what I have from the previous years as well. I’ll also be using the November scrapbook kit from the Hip Kit club as well as the Oh Deer! kit from Felicity Jane.


For ‘my reason why’ page, I used the digital file from Ali Edwards. For day 1 I decided to talk about my reflections of our 2016. The downs and the ups  we had. Here are some close ups and the process video.



Sketch to scrap: Local press


Hi guys,

Thanks so much for joining me again today. Today’s sketch has one square photo. Mine is 3’x3′ but anything bigger like 5’x5′ would be fine too. The feature of this sketch is on the patterned paper along the top. If you are like me, I would have a lot of coloured cardstocks. I decided to use one as a layer along the top in this sketch. Journaling goes on a tag – once again, another thing I have heaps of. Here is the sketch.

Local press.jpg

For this sketch I wanted to record a trip back to our favourite brunch place when we were away in Canberra. I printed the photo out with a thin border using picframe on my iphone.


I used patterned paper and embellishments from the Hip Kit’s scrapbook kit from September 2016. The coloured cardstock’s from Felicity Jane’s Maggie kit. I also used word phrase stickers from the Magic story kit from Ali Edwards. Here are the closeups and process video.


Sketch to scrap: Heart weekends


Hi guys,

Thanks for joining me again today. Today’s sketch has two 3’x4′ photos. They overlap a bit so it works well for when you have two similar photos. The title goes underneath the photos while the journaling goes along the top. Here is the sketch.

heart weekends.jpg

I decided to scrap about the favourite place we like to go on the weekend. It’s a cafe on the outskirt of Melbourne where I live. It takes almost an hour to get there but worth it. I love going there on Sunday afternoon with our newspaper. Good times.


For this layout, I used Ali Edwards’ believe and me story stamps. I also used products from Felicity Jane’s Felicity kit and the Hip Kit’s October scrapbook kit. Here are some closeups and the process video. Let me know if you have any questions. I would love to hear from you.


Sketch to scrap: My story


IMG_7423.jpgHi guys,

Thanks for joining me again today. Today’s sketch is slightly different than the usual. I recently received a pack of A3 photo paper. So this sketch will have a big photo as its feature. In fact the photo is 5.5’X12′. The title goes on the top right and journaling goes underneath the photo. Here it the sketch.

my story.jpg

I decided to scrap about me. I don’t normally create a page just about me. They are mostly me-related of course but I really like the opportunity to summarise all the facts+things I love. The layout features Ali Edwards’ me story kit. I’ve also used produces from Felicity Jane’s Maggie kit and the Hip Kit’s October 2016 scrapbook kit. Here are some closeups and the process video.